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Thank you for visiting my page, whether you heard about me from a friend or found me on social media, I am here for you and am excited to begin your hair journey together! 

You can book your appointment directly online 24/7 by clicking the appointment link. If you don't know what service you will need, you can book a virtual consultation, or you can book a consultation in the salon.

You can also fill out my NEW CLIENT QUIZ.

When booking, you will notice that I require a  NEW GUEST appointment session.This will allow me to spend extra time with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your new look and make sure I have covered all the bases so that you are completely satisfied. Once we have your hair canvas the way you like it, you will book maintenance sessions for future visits.

Pre-appointment consultations are also required for anyone who has box dye or black or red hair and wants to go blonde.

What does a new guest session typically look like?

I have four service sessions available to book ranging from just a haircut service, a color and haircut, or a speciality blonding service.

  You can read about the services offered in these sessions by choosing one of the NEW CLIENT options listed below.


During your session, we will start by doing a thorough consultation and I will curate a plan for you hair that is best for your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. We will talk about what you love about your hair and also the challenges you have with your hair. Once the service begins, you will be offered one of our many yummy amenities including snacks, drinks and reading materials to make your visit more comfortable. We also have a beautiful outdoor patio for you to relax on when you're processing. 

Once your service is complete, I will take some photos of your new look. We will then create a hair maintenance plan for your future visits, book your next appointment, and I will give you a prescription of your home care products that I recommend for your specific hair needs.

I will follow up with you a few days after you come in to make sure you are happy with your new look!


I can’t wait to meet you! 

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The Aurora

This option is ideal for the guest that...


- Wants to enhance or do a slight change in their all over color.


- Who is looking for color with dimension, grey blending, redheads and brunettes who want to enhance or keep their current color. 

Investment: $180-$200

time: 2.5 hrs.

*This session includes a haircut

The camille

This option is ideal for the guest that.....


- Wants to start going lighter in sessions.

- Wants overall more brightness or the warm balayage look.

- Wants to have more dimensional pops of brightness, highlight and depth.

Investment: $260-$280*

Time: 3.5 hrs.

*This session includes a haircut and treatment & customized gloss.

The delphine

This option is ideal for the guest that...


- Wants a color transformation or very light blonde.


- Has very thick or very long hair, darker natural color, and want to be as light & cool toned as possible.


- Needs a color correction or dramatic color change or has previously colored hair and wants to go lighter. 

Investment: $360-$400*

Time: 4.5 hrs.

*This session includes a haircut and treatment, & customized gloss.